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Pro Hac Vice

The right to practice law in Idaho is governed by the Idaho Supreme Court. Generally, this requires admittance to the Idaho Bar and a license to practice law. One exception to the rule is pro hac vice admission, a Latin phrase meaning “for this occasion or particular purpose.” The term typically refers to an attorney who has not been admitted to practice law in a certain jurisdiction but who is admitted in such jurisdiction temporarily for the purpose of participating in a particular case. Pro hac vice admission permits an attorney from a foreign jurisdiction to practice law in Idaho for a particular case.

Because appeals before the Idaho Board of Tax Appeals (BTA) are legal proceedings, an out-of-state attorney seeking to represent a party is required to file a motion requesting pro hac vice admission.

Pro hac vice admission is governed by Idaho Bar Commission Rule 227(i), which provides, “[i]n agency proceedings in Idaho, the agency may, using the same standards and procedures as a court, admit an eligible out-of-state attorney who has been retained to appear as counsel in that proceeding pro hac vice.”

An out-of-state attorney seeking pro hac vice admission must file a motion with the BTA according to the standards and requirements detailed in Idaho Bar Commission Rule 227. Please note, filing a motion for pro hac vice admission does not guarantee the motion will be granted.

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